Saturday, 11 May 2013

Simon's New Adventures in Hi Fi - Rides Again!

Some time ago I created a website which detailed my blossoming experiences in DIY audio, particularly valve amplifiers. Last time I looked there had been over 100,000 hits, which is pretty low by most website's standards but rather large by mine :-).

The website was hosted by my ISP (for free), but it's over 18 months since I switched provider so the original Simon's New Adventures in Hi Fi is left in stasis: I can't edit, amend or delete it. Some of the links to photos are now dead since the hosting site changed their file structure, so it's time to join the modern world.

Okay, blogging is so three-years-ago, but that's pretty current for me!

If you've stumbled across this blog and have never visited the original website then the title must be explained, not least because I don't want R.E.M.'s lawyers hunting me down. Yes I shamelessly ripped off the title of one of their albums (and a very fine album it is too). Worse than that I've used a portion of the album artwork in the main image at the head of this blog (and the old website). If the guys ever read this (as if!) sorry!

Since I last updated the original website R.E.M. have split up; they've meant so much to me over the last 30 years I still haven't come to terms with the thought of not having new albums to enjoy. At least I have all their albums on vinyl to treasure. I probably should write a blog one day about why they have been one of the greatest influences on music over the last 30 years. Anyway, go and visit their HQ and make me feel a little better about myself for using their talent.

That's about it for this first blog. It's my intention to use this blog almost as a notepad to record what I'm playing with, and if time allows to slowly rebuild the original website with completed projects somewhere in cyber land where I have control of it.

And because everyone likes a photo here's a gratuitous pair of KR 300BXLS until next time :-).

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