Saturday, 14 February 2015

Alpair 12P MLTLs - Day 2

Cabinet build - Part 2 (2 hours)

Just a short day today, only a couple of hours spare in the morning to play.

The next job is to cut the internal braces. The braces add a little stiffening, but perhaps more importantly they should help assembly by keeping the sides square and of equal width. One per cabinet would probably be enough but I had plenty of spare mdf so cut two per cabinet.

Then a quick trial fit with the front and back and a single side. The braces were a pretty good fit, only one needing just a little easing.

Meanwhile on temperature watch we have a heady 7 degrees C today :-).

Once cut, the braces need the middles removing. Four holes cut with a 19mm wood drill bit in the corners first, and then the rest removed with a jigsaw.

And that's all there was time for.

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