Friday, 1 January 2016

Alpair 12P MLTLs - Part 5

Day 5 - 5 hours

As is customary let's start with temperature-watch - much cooler today, 6 degrees.

The first job was to finish off the holes for the pseudo tweeter and port for the second baffle. And then rout the holes for the Lpad and speaker terminal in the rear panels. Here's the front baffles with the finished holes.

With all the holes complete the next job was to rout 45 degrees chamfers around the holes for the 12Ps on the rear of the front baffles. This allows the driver cones to "breathe" as the front baffles are quite thick.

Then it was time for a trial fit to make sure the 12Ps and Monacor RBT-95SQ pseudo ribbons fit okay. First a sand with 70 grit to clean things up a touch before mounting the drivers. Only one of the pseudo ribbons was tried as they needed unsoldering from the Quasars as well as unscrewing.

And then it was back to sanding. All surfaces are now sanded to 120 grit both inside and out, I'll finish with 240 grit when assembled. I did test a patch that will eventually be inside with the finer grit and finish was lovely and smooth.

It's taken a while but the speakers are starting to come together now.

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