Sunday, 27 November 2016

Alpair 12P MLTLs - Day 8

Day 8 - 3 hours

Time to cut out the absorbent material and glue it in both cabinets. It's starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere now.

First, of course, temperature watch. Even I'm getting bored of this now. Anyway 9 degrees today.

Here's both cabs together after the cramps were stripped from the second.

The absorbent is old fashioned carpet underlay, roughly 10mm thick. It's not so easy to get these days, fortunately Dave the Bass had some spare he let me have. Thanks Dave :-). The top, back and one side is lined; here it's cut to size and trial fit.

I used some spray adhesive to mount the material. I was a little unsure what to use, some of the cans sounded like the bond might be a bit temporary or light, and I don't want the linings to come loose in the future. So I used a contact type adhesive, sprayed on to the cabinet and a couple of coats on the material. It comes out as a web and the fibrous nature of the lining meant it webbed up almost immediately without really making contact with the body of the material. On the other hand I found it difficult to get an even coverage on the plywood. I think it might have made quite a mess if I was trying to glue laminate, but it's good enough for this job.

Once the coats had dried so they were no longer tacky (the can says 2 to 5 minutes but it took more like 10 due to the low temperature) the pieces were placed carefully. As it's a contact adhesive it tends to grab as soon as it touches each other so steady and careful positioning was required. Then pressure was applied to ensure the two substrates made good contact. And that's it. Hopefully.

All done.

And here are the two cabinets together.

One last job for today, glue on the side of one of the cabinets. A little more time today to get a photo as there's a lot less glueing for just a side.

And here it is cramped up.

That's it for today, no more cramps.

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